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Blokes Lounge Membership Declaration

as part of your application

By continuing, and lodging your online membership application form, you agree to:

  1. Abide by the Rules of the Blokes Lounge Inc now and as amended and respect its aims and values. I understand that any photos taken of me may be used on the Blokes Lounge Inc. website. The Blokes Lounge Inc. is incorporated under the Queensland ‘Incorporations Act 1981’ and as such is insured under a Public Liability policy with Sports Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd, to the amount of $10 million.
  2. Permit the distribution of your phone numbers to other members of the Blokes Lounge Inc.
  3. Permit the distribution of your email address to other members of the Blokes Lounge Inc.
  4. Abide by any Proposer - Seconder requirements in relation to your membership application approval.
  5. I understand that I will need to attend a Blokes Lounge Meeting, prior to approval as a member and before being granted access to the 'Members only' website pages.

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