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Secretary, Blokes Lounge Inc.

Meet new people, make new mates.  

If you are interested in joining Blokes Lounge Inc. for fun and fellowship there are a few ways you can do this.

  • Complete an application, on our Join Us page.
  • Come to one of our fortnightly meetings, Tuesday at 11.30 am, and introduce yourself, at the attendance table. We meet at the Quality Hotel/Lone Star Tavern, on the corner of Markeri St and Sunshine Boulevard, Mermaid Waters. You will find the Tuesday meeting dates on our Calendar page.
  • Call one of the friendly men named below and have a chat. If they don't answer, please leave a message so they can call you back. While they may be retired from work they can still be busy with their many interests, activities or overseas travel.
 Mick 0468 352 923 Gary 0474 651 424

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