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Last updated 8 June 2021

Blokes Lounge Inc. Email address

First and foremost, it is Blokes Lounge Inc. policy that jokes, images, commentary, or any non- Lounge related business material is NOT to be sent to the or email addresses. These are reserved for association business only and, although unlikely, could be subject to audit.

Common Sense Requirement

We also remind you of our values:

  • ·         We value and respect all people, regardless of race, spiritual belief, ability, or sexual orientation.
  • ·         We respect the opinions of others and value free and vibrant discussion but will not tolerate preaching of religious or political ideals.

We are not in the business of stifling free speech. However, common sense should prevail. If you get an email with content that offends you, please advise the sender in the first instance so that he is aware of this and does not send you similar mail in the future. If it prevails, block the sender.

Also, when sending joke etc emails, particularly those with imagery/language, please consider that some blokes have shared email addresses and that their wife/partner has access and is often the first person to do so.

Using Blind Copy Functions

Preferably use Bcc (*blind copy) option so that email addresses of other blokes are not public. However, in small group emails where members names may be visible (eg fishing, darts, whatever) it is also public convention that you reply to all.

Blokes Lounge Email Disclaimer

All emails sent out on Blokes Lounge related business or sent to Blokes Lounge member email lists, must include the following email disclaimer, statement. This applies whether sent from Wild Apricot’s;; from activity group coordinators or individual members email accounts.

“EMAIL DISCLAIMER This email and any attachments are proprietary and confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect or represent those of Blokes Lounge Inc. If you have received this email in error, please let us know immediately by reply email and delete it from your system. You may not use, disseminate, distribute or copy this message nor disclose its contents to anyone.

Blokes Lounge Inc – – 1A40589”

The above disclaimer is to be shown on emails as a ‘footer’ or as part of a saved ‘signature’ setting.

Cleaning up Email before you send

Please ensure that you remove all email addresses of people who send you emails before you forward them to Blokes Lounge Inc. members.  If members send you emails that you intend to forward to others outside of the Blokes Lounge Inc. it is polite to remove all references to Blokes Lounge Inc. members. Email convention broadly is that all addresses are removed if forwarding on the email. You could even insert this message.

(Be kind, remove my email address, use Bcc when forwarding. Say No to spammers & computer viruses).

Answering Emails from Blokes Lounge Inc. Members

If an email seeks a yes/no answer from you or is asking/requesting you to do something or if you cannot make an event in question etc - it is polite to respond.

Viruses, spyware, advice/warnings etc

Please do not send advice, warnings, alerts etc you get in emails from other people, supposedly issued by trusted sources – most of it, in fact, is not reliable.

You should always check the source of these emails before heeding or implementing the advice and especially before clicking on any links included in the email. This may make you vulnerable to spyware and viruses, which is why the mails should not be forwarded. It is prudent to subscribe to email alerts from this Federal Government site:

It is easy to make signature blocks and supposed web pages look genuine. Check with the official websites of the organisation mentioned and you will most often find warnings about the email you have received/advice are not legitimate.

In a nutshell: Common sense. Courtesy. Respect


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